Fees and Admission at Playworks Early Days Nursery 

At Playworks Early Days Nursery  we reserve the right to offer sessions at a first come first served basis, whilst also taking in to account the requirement of existing parents.


A waiting list is in place for those sessions that are currently fully booked.



Our fees:

Full Daycare  £39.00

7.00 am – 5.00 pm

7.30 am – 5.30 pm

8.00 am – 6.00 pm


Morning Session £27.00

7.00 am – 12.00 pm

7.30 am – 12.30 pm

8.00 am – 1.00 pm


Afternoon Session £25.00

1.00 pm – 6.00 pm


Holiday Care £30.00 (Special Offer for October 2017 Half Term)

7.00 am – 5.00 pm

7.30 am – 5.30 pm

8.00 am – 6.00 pm


Breakfast Care £17.00

(including nursery/ school drop off)

Breakfast and After School Care £32.00

(including school drop off and pick up)

Breakfast Care and Afternoon Session £44.00

(including nursery school drop off, pick up and midday lunch)

Morning Session £44.00

(including midday lunch, drop off and pick up for after school care)

Morning Session with Nursery School Drop off £39.00

(including lunch)

Nursery School pick up and Afternoon Session £39.00

(including midday lunch)

After School Care £25.00

(including school pick up)

Please note that a £20.00 late fee will be added to your child’s fees if they are received after the 10th of the month.

All fees are collected 1 month in advance. Payment can be made by  direct debit, standing order childcare vouchers, tax free childcare, card payments and online banking.

Fees are payable even if you child does not attend nursery due to illness or holidays.


The parents of children at Playworks Early Days Nursery are required to provide further information and equipment

We ask that parents provide their own child’s formula milk, enough to last a whole session and if required nappies, wipes and nappy creams.

Suntan lotion for outside summer days (minimum of factor 50) and sun hats to protect children from hot sun. We cannot allow children outside on summer days unless they have protection from the sun, including a sun hat.

Wellies  and all in one waterproof  outfit for outdoor and gardening activities (Toddler and Preschool Room)

A diary to allow  written messages about your child’s day to be passed between home and nursery.


  • Children will not be admitted in to the nursery if they are suffering from illness, this is to safeguard cross infection between the ill or infected child and all other children and staff at the nursery. Children suffering from illnesses such as Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis etc must observe the exclusion period as detailed in our Policies and Procedures.
  • Our Policies and Procedure file can be found in the Nursery Reception, alternatively you can request a copy from the Nursery Manager.
  • The Nursery Management Team must be confident  that children are fully recovered before being admitted back into the nursery.

In the event of a child becoming unwell during a nursery session, every effort will be made to contact the parent/carer for them to pick the child up or discuss the action needed immediately.

We operate a strict health and safety policy at Playworks Early Days Nursery to ensure the safety of all staff and children on the premises.

  • No smoking is allowed on the indoor or out of door premises.
  • The use of mobile phones is only permitted in designated areas in the nursery.
  • All fire exits are clearly marked and always kept clear from obstruction
  • Fire drills are carried out on a monthly basis
  • Full daily risk assessment checks are carried out and recorded daily
  • No nuts are permitted in the nursery
  •  Medication will be only be administered with parents written consent appropriate training will be given to staff to administer medication.
  • Protective clothing will be worn when preparing and serving food.
  • Children can only be collected by their designated adult/adults.

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