Our Meals


At Playworks Early Days Nursery we pride ourselves in providing the children with health home cooked nutritious meals prepared and served by Audrey our Nursery Cook.
Children  attending will be offered a health breakfast, mid morning snack,  hot cooked mid day meal and afternoon tea.
We are able to cater for all dietary requirements. All our produce arrives fresh at nursery daily from local suppliers.
We do not add salt to any of the meals, we use natural flavours to enhance the taste.
Parents are required to provide us with enough formula milk to last the session.
 We are proud to announce that in a recent Food Standards Inspection we received a food hygiene rating of  five out of five!

Sample Menu



Toast, variety of cereals

Milk/ Water to drink


Mid Morning Snack

Fruit Platter


Mid day Lunch

Homemade mild and fruity chicken curry served with basmati rice


Vegetarian Option

Homemade pumkin risotto



Homemade apple turnovers


Afternoon Tea

Homemade spanish omelette


We ensure that mealtimes are a sociable and happy occasion, babies and children are provide with age appropriate plates, bowls and cutlery to encourage their feeding skill and independence.

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