Playworks The Meadows

In October 2019, we launched Playworks The Meadows. Playworks the Meadows is a Farm Village Retreat located in Caerphilly, which specialises in offering a unique experience to interact with a mixture of farm animals including Micro Pigs, Pigmy Goats, Alpacas, Dexter Cows, Donkeys, Reindeer, Horses,  amongst many, many others in a tranquil setting.


The Meadows spans over 21 acers providing opportunities for not just animal interaction but opportunities for a natural county side experience linking to forest schools and the current National Curriculum for schools.


Members mornings are run weekly, each week our members will learn about a different animal, gaining hands on experience just as if you owned the animal yourself!


For more information about Playworks The Meadows and the sessions we offer visit our Facebook page